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Tesco is out with a press release saying that asparagus has earned the title of UK’s best selling aphrodisiac.

Tesco asparagus buyer Harry Jones is quoted as saying, "Our sales over the last few weeks leave us in no doubt that asparagus is fast gaining a new reputation as an aphrodisiac.

"We’ve always known about its reputed passion-increasing qualities but this is the first time we have marketed it, at point of sale, as a Valentine’s Day food. Not only did demand double for that period - which set a new sales record - but we have seen a 35 per cent rise in demand since then that we can only put down to its new found reputation as a food of love.”

Tesco says that there is scientific proof of the libido-improving benefits of asparagus - something to do with phytohormones and Vitamin E and all sorts of other minerals. And the company is said to be working with growers of English asparagus to extend the growing season so they can harvest even more.
KC's View:
Obviously it has been a long, long winter in the UK, and between the weather and tough economic times, and way too much coverage of the upcoming Royal Wedding, people’s imaginations are running a little wild.

I find this amusing because as my kids were growing up, one of their favorite vegetables was asparagus. But the weren’t thinking romantic. They were thinking aromatic.

(Y’think maybe the folks in the Tesco press office got the spelling wrong?)