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A new “QSR” study suggests that people are not as loyal about their coffee drinking habits as some marketers would have us believe.

According to the report, “while 41 percent of Starbuck’s customer visits come from customers that can be considered ‘loyals’ who did not visit any other coffee/breakfast chain during the average month, 53 percent, identified as ‘roamers,’ also stopped by either Dunkin’ Donuts or McDonald’s during an average month.

“Shopping patterns for Dunkin’ Donuts’ customers were similar (42 percent of visits by loyals and 53 percent by roamers).  McDonald’s had the most business driven by loyal customers, with 62 percent of the visits by those that did not visit either Starbuck’s or Dunkin’ Donuts during the average month.”

The study was conducted by CustomersDNA, a marketing and research consulting firm.

“The significance of these patterns became clear when we found that the roamers purchased a hot beverage and/or breakfast nearly twice as often as loyals,” said Dave Jenkins, Customer’sDNA co-founder. “During the average month, loyal customers of each of the three chains visited their favorite store 6.7 times, while the roamers averaged 13 visits per month. Converting these sometime-customers to loyals is key to winning the coffee/breakfast battle.”
KC's View:
The big lesson here goes beyond coffee. Art the end of the day, most shoppers are free agents ... and retailers have to work every day to reignite their interest and enthusiasm for their offering. complacency is not an option.