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The Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) is out with a new study that - no surprise - suggests that “shoppers on average could save 33.3% off their grocery bill by filling their market baskets with the store brand versions of 40 essential household items and pantry staples.”

The study, PLMA said, “tracked the pricing for typical grocery items at a conventional supermarket. Included in the survey were spring cleaning items like glass cleaner, paper towels and pine oil disinfectant, as well as two dozen pantry staples like corn flakes, pasta sauce and carbonated beverages, and personal necessities like mouthwash and facial tissue.

“The study results indicate that consumers who choose the retailer’s brand for products on the list rather than the national brand could save $42.30 (a savings of 33.3%) on average on their total market basket. When buying the national brands the 40-item purchase came to $127.03 on average over six separate trips, while the same purchases for the retailer’s brands cost $84.73.”
KC's View:
Again, this is no surprise, though I am guessing that the numbers might be different for different areas of the country - this survey was done in the northeastern US suburbs.

But it does illustrate why private brands have seen so much growth through this recession. The question is whether it continues as the economy improves.

BTW...this study comes out just days after another study said that consumers have a “muddled” view of what private brands are, and often do not even know that they are buying an own-label item when they do so - a situation seen as “unwelcome news for national brands that must be distinguished to warrant their premium prices.”