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There is a wonderful story in the Boston Globe about Dave McGillivray, race director of the Boston Marathon, which will be run today, Patriot’s Day, for the 115th time.

McGillivray, a world-class runner who has completed 125 marathons and run across the country twice, was faced with a dilemma when he became race director in 1988. How could he continue to run the marathon even while being in charge of all the logistics that are involved with the race?

His answer: McGillivray runs the marathon course after everyone else has finished.

As the Globe writes, “Long after the champs are crowned in laurel wreaths, after the roadblocks have been cleared and the cheering throngs have left, Dave McGillivray can be found loping through the dark toward Boylston Street, with his own motorcycle escorts, sweating through his annual tradition of being the last runner to cross the finish line of the Boston Marathon.”
KC's View:
You have to appreciate this - a CEO who really takes ownership, who plays, to use a familiar phrase, for the love of the game.