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The AMC movie theatre chain has announced that it is partnering with Whole Foods on its April film festival celebrating Earth Month.

“AMC is committed to bringing quality, diverse content to our guests and the Whole Foods Market Do Something Reel Film Festival is a prime example of that,” said Robert J. Lenihan, president of programming for AMC. “It is also an example of how we intend to amplify our pledge of bringing these powerful stories found in independent films to our guests through direct partnerships with independent filmmakers and film festival participation.”
KC's View:
I find this particularly interesting because it speaks to AMC’s strategy of redefining itself. it no longer is good enough to just be a place that sells $10 movie tickets, $6 popcorn and $5 Twizzlers. It has to find new business models, new entertainments to promote.

I was in an AMC Theater about two weeks ago that had what appeared to be a convenience store instead of a candy counter, and a bar called McGuffins where adults could buy alcohol. This is all very smart ...

(What’s really smart, IMHO, is the use of “McGuffin” as the name of the bar; it is a term with cinematic resonance, and it shows a real respect for film history.)