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The Dayton Business Journal reports on a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey showing that 58 percent of Americans find Pizza Hut to be their most favorable pizza option, followed by Papa John’s (54 percent), Domino’s (48 percent), and Little Caesar’s (42 percent).

According to the story, “Pizza remains a regular staple of the American diet. The report - which polled 795 people - shows 18 percent of adults claim to eat pizza at least once a week, 22 percent eat pizza at least once a month. However, 17 percent of respondents said they rarely eat pizza.”
KC's View:
I know these are all chain pizza joints, and so my expectations should not be very high.

But I see these polls and all I can think is that they represent yet another victory for mediocrity.

Somebody calls me and asks me this question, and I’m not sure I rate any of these options to be “edible,” much less “favorable.”

I’ve been spoiled. I’ve actually eaten the best pizza in the country - at Serious Pie, in Seattle. (Go ahead. Call me a food snob. I can take it.)

Now, Sansolo would argue that the best pizza is to be had at Sal’s in Mamaroneck, NY. And you probably have your own favorites. (I can’t wait to see some of the nominees. If the list is as interesting as the list of best burger places, it should be something.)

But my larger point is that we shouldn’t live in a world where the likes of Pizza Hut is acceptable.