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Crain’s New York Business reports that late last week, “the 23,000-member United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1500 filed for a union election at a Target store in Valley Stream, L.I., a stone's throw from Queens. It was the opening salvo in what Local 1500 officials say will be an aggressive, extended campaign to organize workers at 27 Target stores in the New York area, including its 10 stores in the five boroughs. Union staff, who have been meeting with Target employees for two months, say the recent attention on Walmart's labor practices prompted the workers to come forward to organize for higher wages and better hours.”

And there is another motivation behind the move: If the UFCW is able to organize workers at Target, it hopes that this will make it easier to make a move on Walmart when it begins opening stores in the Big Apple.

Target doesn’t like the idea, releasing the following statement: “Target's emphasis is on creating an environment of mutual trust between Target and our team members—an environment that promotes listening, responding to concerns of team members and always giving honest feedback ... We want to continue to create the kind of workplace where team members don't want or need union representation to resolve issues.”
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