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The Los Angeles Times reports that “three years after China was rocked by a massive tainted-milk scandal, the country has again been hit by a wave of food scares in recent weeks.

“The list includes diseased pigs used for bacon; noodles made of corn, ink and paraffin; rice contaminated with heavy metals, sausages made of rotten meat and fertilizer; and pork described as "Tron blue" because it glowed in the dark from bacteria.

“That so many new scandals have emerged even after the central government implemented a sweeping food-safety law in 2009 speaks to the depth of the regulation's ineffectiveness, experts say.”

The problem, experts say, is that food inflation is forcing manufacturers and producers to cut corners on food safety, and the government response has been too tentative to have much impact.
KC's View:
Which is yet another reason why Country of Origin Labeling (COOL) seems to make so much sense ... if done right.