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by Kevin Coupe

Amid all the hoopla about the Royal Wedding last week came a reminder of why people have to be careful about the information they post on social media sites.

There was a Palace Guardsman there named Cameron Reilly who was supposed to work the Royal Wedding. But he was suspended last week, the Washington Post reports, after he posted on his Facebook page that the then bride-to-be was “stuck up” and wrote that ““she gave him only a brief wave while she looked the opposite way.”

The Post writes:

“A spokesman for the Scots Guards said the guard has been suspended and the situation is under investigation.

“Let this be a lesson about the potential impact of things you post about your job on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Employers - or even people who don’t mean you any good - are watching.

“So ask yourself before posting: Is revealing this picture, criticism or thought worth losing my job?”

Or worth not getting one.

And that is a royal eye-opener.
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