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Marketing Daily reports that a new study from Jacobs Media adds another voice to the cacophony of reports lately about shifting gender roles and who is most crucial when it comes to making purchasing decisions.

Among the results:

“The study shows that three of 10 men are single, and more than 80% of them make the sole or key big-ticket decisions in their households. This segment of the male population is a hidden opportunity for marketers --- they profile equal to or better than women in their decision making power and are a significant opportunity for growth.”

“The study also indicates that women agree that men should have major input in decisions about buying big-ticket items. In fact, six in 10 women say a recommendation from a spouse or partner is a deciding factor when making major purchases.”

“Six in 10 men play a key role in the big-ticket item buying process. They either are the sole decision makers or play a key role in the purchase of items like homes, cars and major appliances.”

However, the results may have a certain bias, since “the web-based survey” was of “13,000 American adults who listen to rock, alternative, classic rock and sports radio stations.”
KC's View:
I’m sort of fascinated not so much by the specific results of this study - which strike me as interesting if not terribly ground-breaking - but by the fact that there seem to have been so many studies lately of gender roles in making buying decisions.

Not sure what’s going on. Maybe it is because of the impact of the recession on men, or the growing importance of women in the workforce. Maybe its because more women are getting graduate degrees than men, which certainly says something about the future of intellectual leadership in this country. Or maybe it is because there are marketing companies that have nothing else to do, or are looking for new clients.