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In Ireland, the Sunday Business Post reports that Select Retail Holdings has been actively - though quietly - looking for a company to buy its Superquinn supermarket chain. To this point, the paper reports, there have been no takers.

The move comes after the chain has closed a couple of stores and its chairman, Simon Burke, stepped down.

Select Retail Holdings acquired Superquinn from its legendary founder, Feargal Quinn, in 2005.
KC's View:
There’s no question that it has been tough sledding for Superquinn in the years since its acquisition, as the Irish economy has gotten rockier and the competition has gotten tougher. But it seems to me that the new ownership hasn’t made it any easier by not understanding the fundamental magic of what Feargal Quinn had created. They may have understood the tangibles, but not the intangibles ... and in Superquinn’s case, the intangibles were of extraordinary importance. Quinn was a leader; the new company had managers.

There have been rumors for several years that Superquinn was for sale, if Select Retail Holdings could just get an acceptable price. The guess here is that the number that management has in mind is getting lower with every passing week.