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Lovely story in the Lexington Herald Leader about Fitch’s IGA there, where owner Leonard Fitch has been having trouble keeping the store going because of lower sales and higher costs, all related to the recessionary economy.

Fitch is something of an anachronism - he doesn’t sell tobacco, alcohol or lottery tickets, and closes on Sundays. He’s also the kind of guy who served on the city council for 42 years, and who is regularly asked to officiate at funerals, even though he isn’t a minister. And so, when word got out that he was having business issues at the store his father bought more than 50 years ago, Leonard Fitch became a kind of community project, with people chipping in to paint and clean the store, as well as bring in local produce and help Fitch improve the in-store displays.

And one other thing. People apparently also are adjusting their shopping habits, because for the first time in a couple if years, sales actually are up.
KC's View:
I was worried when I first read this story that the locals were going to give Fitch IGA a new coat of paint and then go buy their food down the street at Walmart. Nice to see that this isn’t what happened, and always nice to read a good news story.

Hometown proud, indeed.