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The Associated Press reports that Roland Smith, CEO of Wendy’s/Arby’s Group, said in an analysts conference call this week that the company’s Wendy’s chain plans to redouble its efforts to focus on higher quality food as a differentiator in its battle with McDonald’s.

In the call, Smith said that the chain will follow the reformulation of its french fries with a total revamp of its hamburger offerings: “Later on this year,” he said, “we are revamping the entire hamburger line. Not just one new product with a different type of cheese or some new flavor, but a brand-new line that will replace our current line: Juicier, thicker patty, better condiments, melted cheese, and probably the most significant improvement along with the hamburger is a butter-toasted bun, which really puts it not only on par but directionally better than both Five Guys and In-N-Out.”
KC's View:
Good to set your sights high.