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The Consumerist has an interview with founder Jeff Bezos in which he maintains that customer service, done right, has a return on investment:

“I've always believed that,” Bezos says. “I broadened it to Customer Experience. It's just our internal lexicon. We think of Customer Service as a subset of Customer Experience. And Customer Service is on the phone or on email or chat or however you're helping customers.”

Indeed, Bezos says that the company’s acquisition of has been helpful in this regard. “I mean, the reason we bought Zappos is because they do things differently from Amazon in some cases, but we're both very customer-focused companies.,” he says. :And so, you know, that was the whole calculus on, ‘Let's hook up these companies’ ... It's been smooth mostly because we've left them alone. That's one way to be sure to make things go quite smoothly.”
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