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After noting the current E. coli outbreak in Europe the other day, I commented that when I am in Barcelona next week, I’d probably be staying away from raw veggies, which were identified as a possible culprit.

MNB user Dean Balsamo responded:

During my trip to Barcelona two months ago I ate vegetables and fruits-everything was great.

According to information that’s starting to appear on the internet, this E Coli outbreak appears to be bio-engineered as it is resistant to 8 classes of antibiotics which those who study such thing say can only come about because this strain was deliberately exposed to these classes in the course of its creation. The German government is now saying that sprouts have nothing to do with this outbreak.

It is curious to note that this outbreak comes on the heals both European and Federal government efforts in the US to control and/or ban various supplements, herbs and medicines suggesting these natural products are more dangerous than  the multi-national corporately created, genetically-modified, big pharma produced approaches to food cultivation, preservation and distribution.

Will fresh vegetables in general now be the next item declared “unsafe,” with the result people will be encouraged to consume canned and other highly processed foods in there place in order to counter act the fear being generated by the potential for deadly bacteria in fresh foods. At least it’ll make the job easier and save money  for the already under supported agencies that are supposed to protect our food supply in this country.

Some might say it’s curious that Span was tagged as the culprit-now of course ‘retracted”-as Spain was so resistant to the introduction of GMO’s that the US government was exerting not so subtle pressure on Spain to get on board. Spanish farmers have now lost millions in the course of this outbreak. Payback?

Another MNB user wrote about my comment:

A clever response, but not helpful to the conversation. First, the illnesses are all in one region of Germany or in people who visited that region. Barcelona is far from Germany, so you should be perfectly fine eating all the fresh vegetables you can find there. This e. coli outbreak is tragic, and clearly there have been problems identifying the food item linked to the outbreak (the epidemiology). And, until you have the right epidemiology, you’re not going to get the right traceback and solve the issue. So please enjoy those vegetables in Spain.

I was actually just looking for an excuse to do what MNB user Ron Pizur suggested:

My advice - stick to a diet of Spanish wine when you are in Barcelona. Then again, my mother always told me that germs can't live in an alcohol environment, so perhaps if you drink enough Spanish wine you will be able to eat as many vegetables as you want.

Works for me.
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