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Advertising Age reports that Procter & Gamble “quietly has added ‘shop’ or ‘shop now’ buttons to Facebook fan pages of several brands in recent weeks, including Tide, Gillette, Olay, Gain, CoverGirl, Luvs and Febreze, with several more expected to come on line in the weeks ahead.

“Fulfillment of items purchased within Facebook on the P&G brand pages comes through P&G's own e-store that opened last year (, but the layout leaves room for other retailers to join as alternatives. is considering linking with P&G's Facebook pages as an option, said a spokeswoman for the retailer.”

The movie is a second try at using Facebook as a shopping platform; the first used Amazon as an exclusive fulfillment partner. Ad Age says that P&G “was concerned about backlash from other retailers, particularly Walmart, being shut out of its Facebook pages, and the Amazon platform had technical issues that made for a poor user experience.”
KC's View:
This new effort has the potential of being more retailer-agnostic, but somehow I have the sense that this is more a concession of the moment. I think that one of the major trends of the next decade will be manufacturers looking to find ways to disintermediate traditional retailers that they may not feel have their best interests at heart.

The question will be how these traditional retailers will move to address this trend.