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The Des Moines Register reports on how Hy-Vee is teaming with celebrity chef Curtis Stone to help drive a new initiative designed to improve people’s health and lives through their food choices. Some excerpts:

"It's crystal clear: If we can get families to eat together, the world would be a healthier and happier place. And it wouldn't be bad for business either," says Ric Jurgens Hy-Vee’s CEO, citing three studies that show children who eat meals with their families become healthier adults, with decreased risk of substance abuse. "Adolescents who never eat meals with families are much more likely to be overweight than those who have five to seven meals a week with their families. Families who share their meals every day consume higher amounts of calcium, fiber, iron and, by the way, less fat. It's significant."
“Jurgens said Hy-Vee and other businesses are working with Gov. Terry Branstad to launch a campaign to help Iowa become the healthiest state in the nation. Details are expected to be released this summer.”

“Stone said he's working with Hy-Vee on a ‘long-term plan about shifting what consumers are eating,’ such as buying seasonal fruits and vegetables that usually taste better and cost less.
‘It's not preaching, but taking them by the hand and giving them gentle education. We don't want to force ourselves on anybody. We just want to make sure people know about their options,’ he said.”
KC's View:
No surprise that Hy-Vee and Ric Jurgens would be at the center of such an initiative. Jurgens once told me that when it comes to issues like this one, his goal is to change the world.

You have to love that in a CEO.