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The Associated Press reports that the US House of Representatives has approved an amendment to the current Farm Bill that would “prohibit the Food and Drug Administration from approving genetically modified salmon for human consumption.”

According to the story, “The FDA is set to decide this year whether to approve the modified fish, which grows twice as fast as the natural variety. An advisory panel said last year that the fish appears to be safe to eat but more studies may be needed before it is served on the nation's dinner tables. If the salmon is approved, it would be the first time the government allowed such modified animals to be marketed for human consumption.”
KC's View:
Here’s what makes me crazy about these kinds of stories.

First of all, I probably would not eat GM salmon by choice. It is my favorite fish, and I like the real stuff. And no matter what anybody says, genetically modified stuff ain’t the real stuff.

Second, I have no problem with the selling of GM salmon if it is clearly labeled as such. Which I know the government is loathe to do, probably because somebody in the GM business wrote a really big check to somebody’s campaign. (Actually, somebody probably wrote lots of checks .... because the House approved the amendment by voice vote, so nobody actually would have to go on the record so they could later be called to account for how somebody bought their vote.)

But here’s the thing that pushes me over the edge. The story says that “Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young offered the amendment to a farm spending bill ... Young argued that the modified fish would compete with wild salmon in his state.”

So, it isn’t about science. Or health. It is about competition, and this guy protecting a business in his state. It certainly isn't about right or wrong or true or false. Just about politics. And money.

Just like most of the rest of the GMO debate.