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Walmart appears to be shuffling the cards when it comes to some of its Asian operations...

Bloomberg reports that Walmart has said that Shawn Gray, the senior vice president of
operations in China, has left the company, effective immediately. The company said the departure was “for personal reasons,” and did not announce a replacement.

The story notes that Gray is “at least the third executive from (China) to depart in the past month ... Roland Lawrence, Wal-Mart’s chief financial officer in China, and Rob Cissell, chief operating officer there, left the company in May to ‘seek new development opportunities’.”

And this morning, Walmart sent out an email saying that Toru Noda, its chief executive officer for Japan, resigned “for personal reasons,” and will be succeeded by Steve Dacus, who has been COO for its Japan business.
KC's View:
Sounds like a bunch of guys are going to be seeing more of their families. I hope their families are going to enjoy seeing more of them.