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The Wall Street Journal reports that Meredith Corp. “is adding two food magazines as it expands into a category the company says is ripe for targeting cost-conscious consumers.

“Meredith said it acquired EatingWell Media Group, which publishes the bimonthly magazine EatingWell, and this week is starting, which will consist initially of a quarterly magazine, a website and other digital assets ... The centerpiece of is a website with more than 20,000 recipes that link customers to store and manufacturer coupons. The magazine, which makes its debut Tuesday, will start with 350,000 copies distributed on newsstands.”

Terms of the Eating Well deal were not disclosed.

According to the story, “The initiative is a relatively low-risk bet for Meredith, whose existing portfolio of magazines already devotes more space to food than any other topic. The Des Moines, Iowa, company's existing food titles will supply the bulk of the content for the new property. Meredith executives said the company's niche of 75 million, mostly middle-income women are underserved by a genre that industrywide tends to focus on high-end food and celebrity chefs.”
KC's View:
These are smart moves, and reflective of a greater truth taking place in the marketplace - that people want to both eat well and save money where they can. Sometimes they’ll want to do both in the same shopping trip, and sometimes they’ll be thinking more about one priority than the other. But at least for the immediate future, I suspect, this is the center-of-the-target consumer for many retailers. And Meredith is doing a good job of defining him/her.