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• The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that “after years of watching competitors cut into its local lead in supermarket sales, Acme Markets fell into second place over the last year, dethroned by ShopRite, according to an annual survey published by Food Trade News.

“ShopRite, ringing up $1.7 billion in sales across the eight-county Philadelphia region, grabbed the top spot from Acme, which has struggled to cut costs by shutting down underperforming stores and recently laid off 900 part-time employees ... Giant was in third place, with sales of $1.5 billion. Super Fresh and Pathmark, whose parent corporation, Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co., declared bankruptcy in December, came in fourth at $851 million, down from $1 billion a year ago. Genuardi's, part of the Safeway chain, was fifth at $734 million.”

Acme is owned by Supervalu, while ShopRite is made up of independently owned supermarkets.

Reuters reports that Kraft Foods has decided to delay the launch of its Gevalia coffee brand until January, a five-month delay that is says is the result of concerns about high demand and limited supply.

Gevalia is Kraft’s competitive response to losing the Starbucks packaged coffee business earlier this year.
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