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by Kevin Coupe

It started 25 years ago, when Neil and Jane Golub, of Price Chopper Supermarkets in upstate New York, got involved with the Anti-Defamation League, bringing its “A World of Difference” education program to the Albany area.

In addition to insisting that the program could be successful in Albany and providing the financial support to make it work, Jane Golub, a retired elementary school teacher, was the creator of the first-ever K-12 “AWorld of Difference”curriculum, which ADL says laid the foundation for an Anti-Bias Study Guide now used across the globe.

The Golubs' contributions to the Anti-Bias cause (which focuses not just on religious and ethnic bias, but also on anti-gay bias) were recognized earlier this month at a dinner in Schenectady, NY, but their efforts have not ended.

Price Chopper, together with ADL and WRGB-TV, the local CBS affiliate, have developed a new program called the “Be An Ally” project, which is designed to inform students, families, educators and the public on what can be done about bullying and cyberbullying.

More information about the programs can be found here.

To say the least, it is an Eye-Opener.

And people like the Golubs, who have spent much time and effort on promoting what can only be described as a noble cause, should be saluted for their efforts.
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