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The Associated Press reports that Starbucks is reorganizing its executive ranks so that it is better set up for international growth.

According to the story, Starbucks said “it would divide responsibilities for its business into three global regions: Asia, the Americas and a region containing Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Starbucks, the coffee giant, now has two units, the United States and international ... John Culver, who leads the company’s international business, will be president of the China and Asia Pacific region.

“Cliff Burrows, president of Starbucks United States, will head the Americas region, which encompasses the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central and South America.

“Michelle Gass, president of Seattle’s Best Coffee, was named president of Starbucks’ Europe, Africa and Middle East region.

“Other changes announced Monday include transferring responsibility for Seattle’s Best to Jeff Hansberry, head of the company’s global consumer products and food service business. Annie Young-Scrivner, global chief marketing officer, will also oversee its Tazo tea business.”
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