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Supervalu yesterday issued a statement saying that it “is not removing the self check-out lanes from the 460 Albertsons stores that it owns and operates in Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Southern California, Utah, Washington state and Wyoming.”

The statement was made after Albertsons LLC - a separate entity - announced last week that it “is pulling all the self-checkout lanes from the roughly 100 of its stores that have them ‘in an effort to encourage more human contact with its customers’.” Some news outlets (but not MNB) reported that the Supervalu-owned Albertsons were also making a similar decision.

"Despite many incorrect reports, Albertsons stores owned by Supervalu will continue to operate self check-out lanes," said Lilia Rodriguez, a company spokeswoman. "Since this story broke last week, our customers have called us and we learned first-hand that they want and appreciate the convenience of self check-out lanes."
KC's View:
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