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The Los Angeles Times reports that French researchers writing in the Canadian Medical Association Journal argue that “many countries' alcohol consumption guidelines - which typically define a moderate, ‘sensible’ level of drinking designed to help consumers drink safely - fail to take into account long-term risks associated with drinking.”

Consumption guidelines, the researchers say, “may have kept people from getting too drunk, but they failed to take into account the growing body of work linking alcohol use with cancer ... In recent years, alcohol consumption has been shown to increase the risk of mouth, throat, breast, colorectal and possibly liver cancers ... And no: the reported benefits of drinking for heart health don't change that, they added.  Recent research has pointed out flaws in studies showing a positive link between alcohol use and cardiovascular health, they said.  The team also pointed to a World Health Organization committee's recent conclusion that ‘there is no merit in promoting alcohol consumption as a preventive strategy’ for heart disease.”
KC's View:
I find it really, really hard to wrap my head around this one.