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• The San Francisco Business Times reports that Safeway has raised $10 million for prostate cancer research in its ongoing efforts to help fund anti-cancer efforts.

• In Ohio, the Daily Record reports that “Buehler Food Markets' in-store pharmacies could become Ritzman Pharmacies, if the two can reach an agreement.” If a deal is made, the nine-store Ritzman “would own and operate the 11 pharmacies Buehler's has in its 13 supermarkets.”

CNBC reports that in western New York, Sunoco is testing a program called the Craft Beer Exchange that “installs ‘beer-filling stations’ (taps and Kegerators) at Sunoco APlus convenience stores where they are allowed to sell draft beer in growlers, which are glass jugs, typically 64 ounces in size.” According to the story, “The program is entering the second of a three-month test phase and the company intends to study the results before making a decision about expanding to other areas, but the initial outlook is good.”
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