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The Los Angeles Times has a piece describing the extent to which the nation’s healthy eating trend is affecting the pet food business. Here’s how the Times frames the story:

“These days, our pets may be eating better than we are. Big-box pet stores and precious pet boutique shelves are increasingly stocked with gourmet edibles that are corn-free, wheat-free, locally sourced, byproduct-free, free-range, minimally processed and raw. Many come with homey, inviting labels, and some look palatable even for humans. At Petco, a number of locations now have a wood-floored store-within-a-store for natural foods.”

According to the story, “It's a matter of debate whether these foods are appreciably better for pets than the standard mega-brands — but just as with debates on human foods, passions can run high. Some pet owners are sure that the mega-brand foods are wreaking havoc on our pets' constitutions, and some veterinarians aren't too hot on them either, while other vets think they're just fine.”

And, there’s more than just food: “If you think your pet's diet is still lacking, you can bolster it with supplements — containing brewers yeast, alfalfa, blueberries and more — that promise shiny coats, bright eyes and limber joints.”
KC's View:
Shiny coats, bright eyes and limber joints? Forget pets. That sounds like something I might be interested in on certain mornings....