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The Wall Street Journal reports that as Borders liquidates and closes all of its stores, deep in debt and unable to find a buyer, Barnes & Noble “is attempting to reinvent itself as a seller of book downloads, reading devices and apps.”

There is, the story suggests, little choice: “Today, customers at snap up three digital books for every one physical book. When it reported results for its fiscal year ended April 30, the company noted that sales of digital products boosted same-store sales 0.7% for the year, more than compensating for the decline in consumer book sales ... Today's Barnes & Noble depends on its bookstores to introduce customers to its Nook e-readers, but its growth and future profits hinge on outfoxing and outselling deep-pocketed rivals Inc., Apple Inc. and Google Inc. on the digital-books front. Amazon, for example, last month disclosed that mystery writer Michael Connelly is the seventh writer to sell more than one million Kindle books.”
KC's View:
Change or die. it’s just that simple.