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• IGA announced the launch of IGALink, described as “a new digital marketing program that provides unique full-featured grocery websites and mobile web apps to each of over 900 IGA USA retailers operating more than 1,200 stores, giving every IGA USA retailer a website for the first time in IGA history.

“The individual websites are easily customizable, making it possible for each IGA independent retailer to personalize the digital experience for shoppers in their local community. The websites are accessible directly through individual site URLs, or through a store locator on, the consumer-focused website that for the last 17 years has been shoppers’ source for information about IGA.”

Through the IGALink program, every IGA USA retailer receives: an IGA-branded website with a content management system that allows IGA retailers to easily customize content for their stores and the communities they serve; a fully optimized mobile web app that shares content and features with the store’s website; online registration tools for building a shopper database; an interactive customer shopping list feature; more than 6,000 searchable recipes that link to shopping lists; website analytics for measurable marketing results; access to unlimited email newsletter capability; and access to a fully digital version of their weekly circular, interactive with shopping lists and recipes.

IGALink is powered by Webstop.

Full disclosure: Webstop also powers MNB, and is a longtime sponsor of the site.
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