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• Aurora Packing Company has entered into a partnership with IdentiGEN North America to provide DNA-traceable beef for its U.S. and export customers.  Aurora Angus Beef with DNA TraceBack is being marketed to high-end restaurants and retail stores. Angus origins are verified through the animal’s unique DNA barcode, which is gathered using a food-safe sampling device at various stages of production, to quickly trace meat back to the animal of origin.

Reuters reports that there seems to be a new beverage niche - “relaxation drinks that are designed to be the antidote to energy drinks, and that “help the body chill out by relieving muscle tension and reducing levels of cortisone, the main stress hormone ... (they) contain no alcohol but some have melatonin, a hormone that can cause drowsiness.”

According to the story, the products, “with names like Vacation in a Bottle, Dream Water and Just Chill, while small, are growing.”

• The Chicago Tribune reports that Dish Network, the new owner of the physical Blockbuster Video rental chain, plans to keep 1,500 locations open, closing just 200 stores that it acquired the bankrupt company out of bankruptcy earlier this year. According to the story, “Dish is using stores to promote its satellite service and has stepped up promotions and lowered prices to better compete. Blockbuster responded directly to price increases from Netflix last week with a special offer for its rival's customers.”
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