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The Wall Street Journal reports that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) wants meat labels “to make it more obvious to consumers when the meat they buy has been injected with solutions containing water, salt or other ingredients.” The information is on current packaging, but is viewed by USDA as being less prominent than it should be.

“The USDA proposal was lauded by the consumer group Center for Science in the Public Interest,” the Journal writes. “who said too often shoppers are cheated by products that are pumped up with sodium water solutions.”

And, the change is supported by companies likes Mississippi-based Sanderson Farms, the Journal reports, which “says it doesn't inject any of the poultry it sells with salt water. Sanderson, along with other companies, has been asking the government for years to change labeling rules.”

Center for Science in the Public Interest says that “about 30% of poultry, 15% of beef and 90% of pork contain ‘added solution’.”
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