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RTE News reports that in the wake of concerns that Superquinn creditors could be out of luck now that the company - which went from ownership by Select Retail Holdings to receivership - has been acquired by Musgrave, there may now be a solution that will allow suppliers to recoup as much as 70 percent of their losses.

Musgrave said last week when it acquired Superquinn - which had accumulated debts of more than $500 million (US) since it was sold by founder Feargal Quinn in 2005 - that it planned to save all of the 2,800 jobs currently at the retailer’s stores. But suppliers who were on the hook for merchandise already delivered to Superquinn looked like they might not see any compensation.

Now Musgrave is saying that it has set up a fund to pay suppliers not covered by insurance.
KC's View:
I hope this all works out. It has turned out to be an ignominious turn of events for a proud and iconic retailing name, and I’m sure that the whole thing has been breaking Feargal Quinn’s heart.