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The Chicago Sun Times reports that “daily-deals site Groupon launched its first packaged-goods deal on Thursday for Unilever-branded popsicles and ice cream at Jewel-Osco grocery stores.

“The deal offers $15 worth of Popsicles, Breyers, Ben & Jerry’s, Good Humor and Klondike products for $9. Jewel-Osco shoppers buy the deal upfront and enter their loyalty card number to download the value. The credit is redeemed at checkout when the card is scanned. Those without a loyalty card are asked to sign up online.”

According to the story, there was other news on the daily deals front: The Sun Times writes, that “Amazon started offering its daily deals to Chicagoans today via its AmazonLocal product. The first deal is 60 percent off food and drink — an $89 meal for $35 — at Real Tenochtitian Restaurant.”
KC's View:
I can’t help but feel that at this moment, when it seems like the economy could crumble around us, things like daily deals are going to gain a lot more momentum and get a lot more traction. There are risks, I’d guess, from long-term pricing implications ... but the short-term attraction of getting more people into the store will be hard to resist.