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Crain’s New York Business reports that a new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University says that “by a 63% to 32% margin, voters say that city officials should allow Walmart to open up shop in the five boroughs ... That's up from a 57% to 36% margin in a Quinnipiac survey in March.”

According to the story, “Unions have led local opposition to Walmart's entry, arguing that the retailer's labor practices are substandard, but the new poll showed union households felt officials should let Walmart in by a similarly wide margin, 62% to 36%.

“By a 69% to 27% margin, New Yorkers say they would shop at a Walmart if the retailer opened up shop in the city, virtually unchanged from the previous poll.

“The poll showed that 72% of voters agreed that Walmart's lower prices would benefit New Yorkers; that 70% of voters agree that the retailer's low prices hurt small businesses; and that 51% feel Walmart does not pay its workers enough. A quarter of city voters said they currently shop at Walmart stores in the metropolitan area.”
KC's View:
I think this debate is over, even if the parties don’t realize it. Walmart is going to start opening stores in NYC ... it is a matter of where and when.

And again ... think of how the bad economic news makes Walmart more attractive, even to hardened New Yorkers.