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Gallup is out with a new survey saying that “for only the second time in two decades, wine nearly ties beer as the top choice when U.S. drinkers are asked whether they most often drink liquor, wine, or beer. Gallup now finds nearly as many U.S. drinkers naming wine (35%) as beer (36%), while liquor still registers a distant third at 23%.  The 36% favoring beer ties for the lowest (in 2005) Gallup has ever recorded since initiating the poll in 1992.”

According to the survey, “Preference for beer declined among all age groups this year, but it fell the most among young adults -- dropping to 39% today from 51% in 2010. By contrast, middle-aged adults' preference for beer fell just three percentage points (to 41% from 44%), and older adults' fell two points (to 27% from 29%).

“Younger adults' decreased preference for beer is accompanied by slight increases in their preferences for liquor and wine. Additionally, 2% of young adults this year volunteered that they most often drink cordials, up from less than 1% in 2010 and in most prior years.”
KC's View:
Cordials? Really?

I get the whole beer vs. wine thing ... but cordials gaining popularity? Not on my block...