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by Kevin Coupe

Some eye-opening numbers popped up on the laptop yesterday, reflecting different views of how retailing continues to evolve...

Fast Company reports that Coinstar-owned Redbox says that its DVD and video game kiosks are generating an average of 55 million rentals per month, and up to 40 rentals per second. In addition, Redbox says that it “has seen more than 4.5 million iPhone app downloads and more than 2.1 million Android app downloads. Additionally, is now receiving nearly 9 million monthly unique visitors, while it also boasts 30.5 million newsletter subscribers and 2.7 million SMS subscribers.” All of which adds up to a customer base that sees Redbox accessibility that goes beyond just the kiosks.

MarketWatch reports that CVS Caremark-owned Minute Clinic said this week that it has treated its 10 millionth patient, at a clinic in Quincy, Massachusetts. According to the piece, “MinuteClinic opened the industry's first retail-based clinic in Minneapolis in 2000 and today has nearly 600 clinics in CVS/pharmacy stores located in 26 states and the District of Columbia. Nine million of the visits have occurred since the beginning of 2007.”

Big numbers. Changing consumers. Evolving retail.
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