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Advertising Age reports that Coca-Cola is ready to begin a new marketing effort behind its Freestyle vending machine, now that the equipment is reaching critical mass - it will be in 80 markets by the end of the year.

As the story notes, the computerized self-serve Freestyle soda fountain “serves up 125 different flavors of soft drinks, flavored waters, sports drinks and lemonades and sends usage data, such as what flavors are most popular at what times of the day, to Coca Cola HQ. Already the beverage giant is analyzing data pouring in from more than 1,500 machines in restaurants including Wendy's, Burger King, Taco Mac and Five Guys.”

Key to the retail support behind the machine is definitive data showing that restaurants installing the equipment generally see a double-digit sales lift that does not appear to recede.
KC's View:
I know two things about the Freestyle machine.

I love the Orange Diet Coke I can get from it.

And my daughter gets all excited when she sees one, and would be willing to make a restaurant choice based on whether a Freestyle machine happened to be there.