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Published reports suggest that Whole Foods has run into some public relations issues with its ongoing Ramadan promotion.

As noted by MNB a couple of weeks ago, Fast Company reported that Whole Foods “has become the first prominent supermarket chain to run a Ramadan marketing campaign--and they're hoping Muslim customers will return the favor as they break fast. Even though Muslims traditionally forego meals during the day, lavish evening Ramadan meals could mean big bucks for the natural foods giant ... as well as brand loyalty from a demographic not traditionally courted by megastore advertising.” The story goes on: “While it is a relatively small promotion, it also marks a new benchmark for the Muslim-American community: the first coordinated Ramadan promotion by a national supermarket chain.”

But now, there are reports that some negative online reaction to the promotion - saying that it meant that Whole Foods was either "jihadist" or "anti-Israel” - led to an internal company memo suggesting that while it would continue to sell Halal foods, it would be backing away from the promotion, which basically treated Ramadan the same way it would Passover, Christmas or Easter.

Whole Foods, however, is saying that this is not the case - that the internal memo was an independent and unauthorized response by just one of its divisions, and did not represent official company policy. The Ramadan-themed promotion, apparently, will go on.
KC's View:
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. While some terrorists may be Muslims, that does not mean that all people of the Muslim faith are terrorists.