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Marketing Daily reports that “according to consumer research firm Scarborough Research, coupon usage for household items such as groceries is up 24% since 2006. And although more than a fifth (22%) of these coupon users are using digital media such as email, text messaging and the Internet to get coupons, the primary channels continue to be Sunday newspaper inserts (49%), in-store coupons (43%), direct mailings (33%) and in-store circulars (26%).”
KC's View:
I have to believe that the people using these coupons represent an aging customer base that is, in the long run, unsustainable. In addition, there is the simple fact that newspaper reading is declining, especially among young people. And the pressures of the recession also may have caused a blip in favor of FSI usage.

I believe that the next generation of consumers will respond to targeted, user-friendly discounts delivered via their smart phones, discounts that are keyed to their shopping behavior and needs - not random and largely useless pieces of paper that fall out of the newspaper when you pick it up.