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The Chicago Tribune reports that “in a city that loves its hot dogs, the nation's top two wiener-makers battled in federal court Monday over dueling false advertising claims that have already underscored at least one frankfurter truism: Marketing sausage can be a lot like watching it being made ... At stake in the legal battle is a $1.76 billion hot dog market dominated by Kraft's Oscar Mayer wieners and Sara Lee's Ball Park franks and whether either company's boasts crossed a line.”

Sara Lee sued Kraft over its claims that its hot dogs were 100 percent beef, while Kraft countersued over its claims of selling an “all-beef” hot dog. Both companies claimed to have won taste tests.

“As the trial opened Monday in federal court in Chicago,” the Tribune writes, “lawyers for both Chicago-area food behemoths argued over such frank-marketing minutiae as the difference between meat and beef and whether a taste test could even be considered valid without such vital condiments as mustard.”
KC's View:
Frankly, this all seems like a waste of time and money. You don’t win the battle for the American stomach in the courtroom. You win it on the plate.