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Media Post Daily reports that a kind of “Facebook fatigue factor” may be taking place, at least in mature nations.

“In some of the social network's biggest markets,” the story says, “including the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom, new research from GlobalWebIndex shows sharp declines in usage for activities such as status updates, sharing content, messaging and installing apps ... The report found that messaging friends via the U.S. Facebook platform was down 15% last month compared to June. And the proportion of users participating in the ‘joined a group’ activity was down 10% in the same period. ‘The trend is even more pronounced among U.S. college educated 20somethings, the original users of the platform,’ the report stated.”

However, “the report also indicated that total worldwide usage continues to increase, due to growth in the emerging markets,” Media Post Daily writes.
KC's View:
This sounds like it could be based on a limited survey, so it is hard to tell if the conclusions are, well, conclusive.

But here’s the thing you have to remember. In so many ways, the speed of change means that social networking - at least as we’ve thought of it, and as enabled by companies like Facebook - may already be obsolete ... or at least on its way there.

It is the next iteration - the next innovation - that we have to keep looking for, trying to figure out how to take advantage of it. Doesn’t mean that we’re all going to stop using Facebook and its brethren ... but I suspect that it does mean that Mark Zuckerberg and his cohorts are themselves seeking the next big thing.