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Adweek reports that Coca-Cola has a limited edition Diet Coke can scheduled to hit store shelves next month: “Retaining the can’s familiar bare-aluminum background, the new design super-magnifies a segment of the existing logo right where the ‘D’ of Diet rests atop the ‘k’ of Coke. The result is a modish and (for a global brand) even daring design that refuses to reveal the brand’s complete name. Which is the beauty of having a brand that’s already the best-selling diet soft drink in the world: You don’t have to worry about stuff like that.”

However, Adweek suggests that there may be more going on here than just a design innovation:

“The revamped Diet Coke cans - the work of San Francisco-based design firm Turner Duckworth - will remain on store shelves for an undisclosed period. In fact, just about everything about these 12 fluid ounces of design flair is undisclosed. The usually press-release-happy folks at Atlanta headquarters are playing this one surprisingly close to the vest, sending out cases of the new Diet Coke to ‘trendsetter[s] in the fashion and design world,’ according to the accompanying card, but saying little else publicly.

“However, William White, group brand director for Diet Coke and Coke Zero, Coca Cola North America, told Adweek in an email: ‘Fall is all about new looks and new energy, making this a great opportunity to give the Diet Coke can design a refreshing uplift that celebrates the season.’ He added that ‘this new concept will only be around for a short time’.”
KC's View:
I think I’m hurt. How come MNB didn’t make the cut as a trendsetter?

I’ll put it out there right now. I’ll trade an MNB t-shirt, three MNB canvas shopping bags and a half-dozen MNB canvas wine bags for an advance case of this new Diet Coke.