retail news in context, analysis with attitude

by Kevin Coupe

Consider this statement, from PC Magazine:

“Not only does sell just about anything from a paintball gun to a jukebox, it also has the widest global reach of any retail site on the Internet.

“According to comScore, in June, Amazon was visited by 282 million people, or 20.4 percent of the world's online population.”


It gets more interesting:

“eBay follows Amazon as the number two retail site, reaching 16.2 percent of the worldwide Internet population or about 224 million visitors. China's has the third-most extensive reach with 157 million visitors or 11.3 percent. Apple's global sites take the number four spot, visited by 134 million people last month, 9.7 percent of the Web. Wal-Mart comes in at number four, with close to 46 million visitors last month, 3.2 percent of the online realm.”

Consider the difference between the penetration numbers for Amazon and Walmart...especially since a lot of people think that Walmart has identified Amazon as its chief competitive threat over the next decade.

Consider the fact that a Chinese business-to-business site is number three ...

And consider the notion that Amazon has become so pervasive - in visits, in sales and in the way it identifies and targets its best customers, both showing and inspiring loyalty with relevant offers - that its pricing, marketing and merchandising positions must be considered by almost everybody who sells anything.

That’s what we’d call an Eye-Opener.
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