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The Los Angeles Times reports that the Los Angeles City Council will consider a proposal that would ban all single use shopping bags - paper and plastic.

The story notes that “the proposal goes beyond similar measures taken recently by other California cities and counties. Although L.A. County, Santa Monica and other municipalities have banned plastic bags in recent years, most have allowed stores to sell paper ones for a small fee ... Under the L.A. proposal, stores would be permitted to give away or sell only reusable tote bags, or risk a fine. An exemption would be made for small plastic bags meant to keep raw vegetables and meats separated from other groceries to prevent cross-contamination.”
KC's View:
From a cultural point of view, I think this is a good thing; we’ll all be better off if less waste goes into our landfills. Though it is a little hard for me to figure out how the economics work; what happens to people who can’t afford to buy reusable totes, which generally are too expensive to be given away by retailers?

One thing, though. If this bill passes, I hope it applies to every kind of retail, and not just supermarkets. Because that would strike me as enormously unfair.