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In the UK, the Daily Mail reports that “Amazon is planning to set up locker banks in major shopping centres to allow customers to collect items bought online.

“The ‘click and collect’ scheme is designed to help those workers who are not at home to receive goods during the day. The firm has reached agreement with shopping centre owner Land Securities to install the banks of lockers in a series of its properties in the London area, including One New Change in the City where the scheme could be launched as early as next week.”

Amazon reportedly also is testing a ‘click-and-collect’ scheme using PIN-based lockers at 7-Eleven stores in Seattle.
KC's View:
Amazon has tested delivery depots before, but this makes a lot more sense because it takes advantage of existing real estate. Could we see a time when Amazon delivery lockers are as ubiquitous as Redbox kiosks? Maybe not ... but then again, nothing would surprise me. (Could Amazon be working with Redbox-owner Coinstar to figure out a mutually agreeable business model? That wouldn’t surprise me, either...)