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by Kevin Coupe

The Los Angeles Times reports on a new Gallup poll saying while Americans continue to prefer to work for a man instead of a woman, the margin is the narrowest it ever has been.

When the question was first posted in 1953, two-thirds of Americans said they wanted to work for a man, while only five percent said they wanted to work for a woman.

This year, however, only 32 percent of respondents said they prefer to work for men, while 22 percent say they would rather work for a woman.

The good news from this poll, however, may be that - if you do the math - it appears that 46 percent of Americans don’t care. Which is a lot better than the 29 percent who didn’t seem to care in 1953 (though even that number seems high for a Don Draper world).

Just’s another passage from the story that is interesting:

“Currently, 56% of Americans have a man at the helm while 30% are led by a woman. Thirteen percent said they have no boss.”

Here’s how we’ll know that we’ve made real progress - when nobody cares about the gender of their bosses, because what matters is how smart they are, what kind of leadership qualities they have, and whether they respect the abilities and talents of their employees.

That’ll be a real eye-opener.
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