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Cliff Robertson, who won an Academy Award for portraying the title character in Charly in the late sixties, and who played John F. Kennedy in PT 109, a film about JFK’s World Ware II exploits, died over the weekend. He was 88.

Robertson perhaps became best known during the late seventies, when he blew the whistle on financial fraud at Columbia Pictures by then CEO David Begelman; while Robertson was proven to be right by subsequent investigations, his career suffered because it was seen that he’d challenged the Hollywood old boy network.
KC's View:
Three favorite Robertson performances....

The Best Man, in which he played the ruthless presidential candidate Joe Cantwell.

Three Days of the Condor, as CIA Deputy Director Higgins, playing cat-and-mouse with Robert Redford’s Joe Turner.

• And The Man Without A Country, in which he played Phillip Nolan in a television adaption of Edward Everett Hale’s short story.