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Schenectady, NY-based Price Chopper has announced that it is getting into the online shopping business, offering both a pick-up and delivery model that will debut next week at its Niskayuna, New York, store.

“We created ‘Price Chopper Shops4U’ in response to the call for a convenient shopping experience made by a growing number of our customers who are either too busy or unable to get to their local Price Chopper to shop for what they need,” said Jerry Golub, Price Chopper’s president and chief operating officer.  “While we have plans to roll the program out in many more of our 128 stores, we’re pleased to be the first to market this service and our new digital coupon program, AdvantEdge e-Coupons, here in our hometown, the Capital Region.”

The AdvantEdge e-Coupons program, the company says, “offers the value of coupon savings without the printing and clipping. They are digital coupon offers that can be selected electronically by customers and loaded directly to their Price Chopper AdvantEdge Card.”

Price Chopper says that the service fee for ‘Price Chopper Shops4U’ is $10, with an additional $5.99 fee for delivery.  For the customer’s first order, this service fee will be discounted 50%, as it will for every fifth order.  To make shopping even easier, once a customer has used ‘Shops4U,’ he or she can refer back to previous shopping lists to place the next order even faster and more efficiently.”
KC's View:
Love it. Of course, that won’t be a surprise to anyone who reads MNB, and knows that we are fervent believers in the importance of having an e-commerce option in a 21st century competitive environment.