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The Detroit News reports that “bankrupt bookseller Borders Group Inc. won court approval Monday for the sale of its intellectual property to larger competitor Barnes & Noble Inc. after a dispute about privacy issues was resolved ... Under the new agreement, Barnes & Noble will email all former Borders customers on the customer list it bought, inform them of the transfer of customer information and give them 15 days to opt out of the list.”

According to the story, “Barnes & Noble won the auction to buy most of the trademarks and intellectual property of Borders for $13.9 million. Other trademark assets also were sold, making the sale worth $15.8 million to Borders' creditors.”
KC's View:
It sort of amuses me that the words “bankrupt” and “intellectual property” are in the same sentence. You’d think that if Barnes & Noble is really smart, what it will do is either take what it bought from Borders out to the backyard and burn it ... or post them on a wall somewhere with the notation, “Don’t do this stuff!”