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Walmart announced yesterday that Eduardo Castro-Wright, 56, the company’s vice chairman and CEO of global e-commerce and global sourcing, will retire in July 2012.

The company said it plans to have his successor named by January, and that Castro-Wright will assist in the transition.

“(Castro-Wright) has been a strong advocate for our customers and in every assignment has brought passion and commitment to the job. He has also built talented teams wherever he has led,” Walmart CEO Mike Duke said in a prepared statement.

Forbes writes that “Castro-Wright joined Wal-Mart in 2001 and led its business in Mexico before becoming president and CEO of its U.S. operations in 2005. In June 2010, Wal-Mart appointed Bill Simon, who had been chief operating officer, to take over its U.S. operations, shifting Castro-Wright to lead the retailer’s global ecommerce and sourcing business. Wal-Mart said at the time that the move allowed Castro-Wright to relocate to California to be with his family, including his wife who was recovering from a heart transplant. It also helped Wal-Mart increase its emphasis on building its international online business.”
KC's View:
The general feeling out there seems to be that there are going to be a series of shufflings, reassignments, and retirements ... as Walmart tries to get its groove back.